Chorus Management Institute

The Chorus Management Institute is the closest thing to a chorus management "crash course" that you'll ever experience. Each intensive, interactive session covers a core subject that you need for success. For an additional $100 fee, attendees can choose to sign up for this special program which takes place over the course of the 2015 Conference.

Develop essential management skills in an interactive group learning environment. Expert faculty will deliver valuable information and best practices in:

  • Strategic Thinking & Planning
  • Governance & Board Development
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & Communications

A powerful, must-attend seminar for all chorus managers and leaders, including:

  • Leaders of small and mid-level budget choruses
  • Music directors looking for additional grounding in nonprofit management
  • Staff and board leaders of new and transitioning choruses
  • Newcomers to chorus management
  • Established managers and board leaders seeking to further their professional development

Build your chorus leadership skills through intensive sessions

  • Pinpoint key organizational issues
  • Develop tools and action plans to address key issues for your chorus
  • Learn from your peers, and share the lessons you have learned
  • Establish a professional network and build valuable relationships with Institute colleagues
  • Learn from interactive multimedia presentations by leading experts
  • Collaborate with your peers and share what you have learned
  • Receive a take-home Chorus Management Resource Guide for future reference

Learn from and network with your peers and colleagues

  • Small group activities during each session provide opportunities to share knowledge and challenges

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